All new machine line from Lamina

Popupline is an innovative and unique one-phase/one-pass fully automated production line, high speed & high capacity, non-stop gluing and folding machine incorporating ‘Pick and Place’, for the production of the display product ‘Pop-up’.


The process is achieved by an automated production line for mounting the Display product “Popup”. The idea is that the product should be 100% recyclable with minimal environmental impact as possible.


The feeder has a roll-out loading table which enables the operator to stack the material outside the feeder. The operator easily rolls back the table into the machine where the two pieces of material will be picked up by suction cups and delivered into the Prefold Station.

Prefold Station

The machine prefolds the panels in several stages in preparation for the gluing and joining sequence.

Glue Station

First, the panels will be glued and joined together on one side. The Inlays will be picked up, glued and placed inside the popup with precision using the “pick and place” function. The magazine containing the Inlays can store up to approximately 100 pcs.

Fold Station

The Popup will be glued and folded together to produce the final product ready for direct packaging and onward distribution.

100% Lamina

Lamina is famous worldwide for it’s innovative approach to all of it’s product range, and for producing compact and operator friendly machines.

Say hello to Lamina OS next generation.

The Most Powerful Software for Lamina.

The all new Lamina OS next generation is built on the most stable and proven PLC platform from Omron.

The fully connected machine

The machine is equipped and connected with both a web portal and a remote support assistant link directly to Lamina.

Connect to the machine with Any Smartphone

You can connect and check the machine status and production directly on your phone or web browser on the computer.

The Inlays


The Inlay support of the Popup display carries the brand name “Pappy®”. Pappy® is manufactured completely from corrugated cardboard based on the recommended material specification.

Furthermore, Pappy® may also be communicated in printed form. All products displaying “Pappy” must be manufactured in accordance with approved design and product quality, and be original from the outset.

The Popup

The two outer panels are assembled together to form a cylindrical/pillar type shape by means of a combined folding & inline gluing process along the length of each side. To create and maintain its intended cylindrical shape, interior support(s) is/are mounted/positioned (Pappy). The number of supports used is determined by the type of display produced. Variations of the interior support(s) design are available and may be procured subject to discussion and subsequent agreement. The visible surface of the Popup should also be made from recommended cardboard.



Model Sheet Width Sheet Length Glue Flap Thickness
1018 PPL 535×2 mm 1505 mm and 1840 mm 30 mm 315 – 330 gsm / 0,45- 0,65 mm


Material quality: Type Billerud Korsnäs Crownboard Craft / Virgin Fiber Carton.

Thickness: 315 – 330 gsm / 0,45- 0,65 mm

Recommended: Material to be in long fiber direction

Machine speed: Up to 350 popups/hour

Remarks: 0-3 pc of creasing lines for easy packaging is recommended.

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